These are the four pastors of Merge Community Church. Take a moment and get to know them! (Hover over pics)

Mike & Ginny Majeski

Mike brings over 40 years of pastoral experience and church leadership into the Merge mix. His love of truth and heart for people shape his role as a teaching pastor. Mike and his wife of over 35 years, Ginny, reside in Canton and have two married children: Mallory and Michael Tyler. Mike is a lover of music, is into playing guitar, motorcycle riding with his wife, golf and hunting. Ginny loves kids and teaching the piano.

Buddy & Shelby Shuh

Buddy and Shelby Shuh have been happily married for over 20 years! They have five children: Isaac, Isabella, Jaana, Savanna, and Levi. Buddy has a great sense of humor, speaks often at our Sunday services, and is a vital connection to our local community.

John & Tammy Pop

John and his wife Tammy live in Commerce Twp. and have three wonderful children (Crystal, Alicia, and Christian). John has a passion for prayer, and the working of the Holy Spirit in the midst of God’s people. He is also the co-owner of Quality Design Services Inc, an international engineering firm he and his partner launched in 1990.

Keith & Gerry Anleitner

Keith and Gerry Anleitner have four children and four grandchildren. Keith is a retired administrator and athletics coach of 25 years in public education and five years in Christian education. Gerry was a purposeful stay at home mom during this time. They both have a passion for happy marriages, child-rearing, ladies and men's teachings. They are the new Family Life Ministers at The Merge CC.